How Much Does an Alumawood Patio Cover Cost in 2020?

Alumawood Patio Cover cost can span a wide range. Some will be more expensive, depending on the material, cost, and labor required to install them while others will be more affordable. As a general rule of thumb, the more additions and customization made to an Alumawood patio cover installation, the more the cost will be. For example, some covers cost an average cover costs $1000, while others can reach as high as $7,500 or $10,000 dollars. Detailed below are some Alumawood Patio Covers by size and price.

As mentioned earlier the average estimate for an Alumawood patio cover can differ depending on the material, location, dimensions or size, labor, and style. For example, a 10ft x 10ft (100 square foot) Alumawood patio cover made of lattice typically starts at a cost of about $1000. Although, the location in which the Alumawood patio cover will be installed affects the cost as well. For instance, if the cover is being installed on a hill, dirt or a slab of stone or concrete may increase the cost due to labor. Also factored into the cost is any additional materials that will be installed with the Alumawood patio cover as well. The majority of patio covers are made either out of wood, aluminum, or vinyl and the price for each differs. Finally. labor is a factor in the cost. For instance, it is less labor-intensive to install a rectangular Alumawood patio cover and more labor intensive to both make and install a patio cover with a custom shape or paint scheme such as an “L” shaped patio cover with a unique coat of paint and special lighting.

Why Should I Invest In a Patio Cover?

Alumawood Patio Covers are an inexpensive way to upgrade you home’s exterior living space. In addition, an Alumawood patio cover cost less and also offer protection from the sun and some even offer protection from the elements or year-round patio use. This allows both the extension of your living space and with certain models a longer use of your patio. Furthermore, they can be customized in a wide variety of styles allowing them to work with a wide array of architecture.  Learn more at

What type of Patio Cover is the Least Maintenance?

For decades aluminum patio covers were most common as they are inexpensive to both install and maintain. Plus, aluminum is very versatile, an example of this is certain Alumawood patio covers that feature a distinct pattern of wood grains, such as those seen on This allows the Alumawood patio cover to give off the look of more expensive wood or vinyl patio covers while being lower in cost and maintenance. Especially if you are interested in a weather-resistant Alumawood patio covers. If this is the need, aluminum patio covers are a great choice as they not only are weather-resistant and thereby can resist rusting, they also resist termites, cracks and rotting. Therefore aluminum Alumawood patio covers can be made to look like wood, while not requiring the maintenance and care that wood requires. All Alumawood covers are able to be customized to match the needs and preferences of the customer and can be installed in popular styles such as lattice, 3-inch thick high density insulated foam roof or a non-insulated roof. As mentioned earlier, the final cost will include any customization or addition made.

What is the estimated Alumawood Patio Cover Cost per Square foot?

Patio Cover TypePatio Cover SizeAlumawood Patio Cover Cost
Laguna Lattice Patio Cover10′ x 10′$1,500 – $2,500
Laguna Lattice Patio Cover10′ x 20′$2,300 – $3,400
Newport Solid Patio Cover10′ x 10′$1,200 – $1,800
Newport Solid Patio Cover10′ x 20′$2,100 – $3,000
Maxx Panel Insulated Patio Cover10′ x 10′$2,600 – $3,500
Maxx Panel Insulated Patio Cover10′ x 20′$3,500 – $5,500

What is the cost by type of DIY Patio Covers?

  1. Aluminum Patio Cover
  2. Cost = $3,750
  3. Range $2,000 – $5,000
  4. Vinyl Patio Cover
  5. Cost = $5,050
  6. Range = $3,800 – $6,300
  7. Wood Patio Cover
  8. Cost = $10,000
  9. Range = $7,000 to $13,000
  10. Lattice Patio Cover
  11. Cost = $5,750
  12. Range = $4,000 to $7,500

How long do DIY Patio Covers Take To Install?

Alumawood Patio Covers can be installed either by the homeowner themselves or professionally. Alumawood Patio cover cost less than traditional patio covers are relatively easy to install for homeowners that enjoy do it yourself projects or if you prefer to have the Alumawood patio cover set up for you, you may opt to have skilled tradesmen set up the cover. All Alumawood patio cover kits that are manufactured by Alumawood contain all the necessary hardware for set up. Although Alumawood patio covers do include all necessary hardware for successful set up of the patio cover, they do not include the tools used in the installation of the Alumawood patio cover. The tools must be provided by the tradesmen or the homeowner setting up the cover. For an easier time in comparing installation options and methods, a table has been provided below. This table includes both the professional installation cost as well as the average installation time for a number of different Alumawood patio covers Alumawood manufacturers. Keep in mind that if you are opting to set up the Alumawood patio cover yourself, it is necessary to factor into the installation time for patio cover such as a 10ft x 10ft aluminum lattice Alumawood patio cover, your experience with do-it-yourself projects, as well as any additional people helping you. These factors will either shorten or lengthen the estimated completion time. The duration provided in the table below is the average time in which a professionally skilled tradesman would require in order to complete the installation of any of the Alumawood patio covers listed in the table below.

  1. 10ft by 10 ft Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover
  2. Installation Time = 8 hours
  3. Professional Installation Cost = $2,000
  4. 10ft x 10ft Professionally Installed Un-insulated Newport Patio Cover
  5. Professional Installation Cost = $2,000 – $3,500
  6. 10ft x 10ft Professionally Installed Lattice Patio Cover
  7. Average Cost = $2,200
  8. 10ft x 10ft Professionally Installed Alumawood Patio Cover, 3 inches thick with insulated cover and no additions
  9. Professional Installation Cost = $3,600 – $5,500
  10. The benefits of this option are that it is affordable, good for re-sale, easy to obtain permits for, compatible with ceiling fans and lighting, lightweight, and simple to install.