[accordion][accordion_content title=”Will the finish on Alumawood™ peel or fade?”]Alumawood™’s finish has a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on it! It is gauranteed not to peel, crack or fade for the life of the product.[/accordion_content]/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_content title=”Where can I see your product?”]We do not have any displays or locations where you can view the product.[/accordion_content][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_content title=”Will I be able to get permits once I have installed the cover?”]Always check with your local permitting office or agency before beginning any work on your house. Alumawood™ is a fully engineered product and has an ICBO which typically satisfies any permitting requirements.[/accordion_content][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_content title=”How do I get an ALUMWOOD patio cover?”]Simply fill out our Quick Quote Form. The form has all the information neccesary to provide you with a quote for the cover you are interested in.[/accordion_content][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_content title=”Can an Alumawood patio cover be free standing?”]Freestanding covers must be constructed using our 3″ cloverleaf posts set about 2 feet deep in large concrete footings. Attachment directly to a concrete slab is not available for freestanding covers. Please contact us for further information.[/accordion_content][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_content title=”Will Alumawood handle heavy winds?”]The typical Alumawood™ patio cover is engineered to handle a 90mph wind load. If your area requires something in excess of this, we are able to increase the capability of the product.[/accordion_content][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_content title=”Will Alumawood be able to handle the snow that falls here?”]The typical Alumawood™ patio cover is engineered to handle a 10lb. live load. This means that it will support 10lbs. per square foot of snow or water on it. If your area requires something greater, we are able to increase the weight handling capability.[/accordion_content][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_content title=”Can you refer me to a contractor that will install the cover?”]We do not offer contractor referrals outside of our local area. Please keep in mind that we sell the product as a Do-It-Yourself kit and any competent contractor would be able to easily install it.[/accordion_content][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_content title=”Can I install a ceiling fan on my cover?”]Ceiling fans may be installed on most covers. The use of a fan beam is required and may be added to your order upon request. Please check sheet 2 of 4 in the General Details section of the engineering. This will let you know what weight and spans the fan beam will carry. The engineering may be downloaded from our “Resources” page.[/accordion_content][/accordion]

[accordion][accordion_content title=”How does Alumawood™ compare with wood patio covers?”]We feel that Alumawood™ offers the absolute best value for your home improvement dollar. While possibly more expensive than wood (depending on the grade or quality of lumber used), Alumawood™’s benefits over wood far outweigh the possible difference in price.[/accordion_content][/accordion]